About Drunken Ginger

This website started out of passion and frustration. With one goal in mind. To become the go to place for cocktail recipes and information about drinks.

The passion.

It’s a mix of two passions combined. My love for writing and drinking. The drinking part is probaply more interesting for you to read. I’ve been drinking as long as I can remember. Don’t know if that says more about my drinking habit or my memory. As a teenager it was just quantities. Mostly beer (or whatever was available at the party). Until I started working in a liquor store. That’s where I discovered the magic world of whiskies. Not long after I learned that rum could be enjoyed instead of mixing it up with coke untill those flavours covered the Bacardi taste. The rise of microbreweries happened and my beer consumption went down. I preferred tasting new beers over downing the same old recipes in pints.
After that I found you in drinking and mixing cocktails. New discoveries were made. Experiments with new liquors and mixers were tasted. Some perfect some a bit “different”.
The internet is a great source for cocktails. There are hundreds of websites like drunkenginger but this where the frustration starts.

The frustration.

You’ve experienced this too I guess. You look for a recipe and what do you find? An essay about the cat of the neighbour of the grandma of the writer. So many times it occurred to me that I had to scroll for paragraphs to finally find the recipe. I know that this a smart move by the writer from an SEO point of view. But I’m not looking for SEO, I’m looking for a recipe. That’s what I want to do different. Here the recipe comes at first place. Want to learn more about the origin or something like that? Scroll a bit down. That’s why I first uploaded and categorized a lot of recipes. The stories, pictures and additional information will be added as we go.

I hope you’ll find the recipes you’re looking for. The door is always open for requests. Don’t forget to share your beautiful and tasty cocktails on the social channels with #DrunkenGinger.

Drunken Ginger