Rum Brands


A short history of Bacardi.

On February the fourth 1862, the Bacardi family, led by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, bought a distillery in Santiago de Cuba. They threw out the old recipe book and started to create their own unique blends. Their revolutionary production process change the rum production forever.  

The rums of Bacardi

The Bacardi carta range is probably one of the most well known rum ranges. It consists of the carta blanca, carta oro, carta negra, carta fuego and bacardi spice. 

Bacardi carta blanca

After ten years of tasting and improving, Don Facundo created the bacardi carta blanca. Easy to drink with hints of almonds and vanille. More flavorful compared to vodka but not as strong as gin. A great choice for classic cocktails like the Mojito.

Bacardi carta oro

This rum has been developed by the Meastros de Ron Bacardi. They found a great flavour and beautiful colour in slightly toasted oak barrels. Bacardi carta oro tastes like butterscotch, vanille, banana and toasted almonds. One of my favourite drinks to make with Bacardi carta oro is the Cuba Libre. 

Bacardi carta negra

The name gives it away, this is a dark rum. The color comes from dark toasted oak barrels and a secret miix of charcoal. This black rum tastes like delicious tropical fruit, butterscotch and vanille. With a little hint of smokiness. Cocktail tip! The Tormenta Negra. 

Bacardi carta fuego

This rum has a bright red color and spicy flavour. Aged for at least a year in toasted oak barrels. This all makes a smooth and flavorful rum. I prefer to drink this straight as a shot to enjoy the flavors of cinnamon, honey, nutmeg and vanille. 

Bacardi spiced

A mix of aged and un-aged rum. It has some spicy flavors and a hint of smokiness. It’s a great rum to mix the Bacardi Rum punch.

Bacardi Añejo Cuatro

This rum has matured for four years in a barrel. Thanks to that it gets a great smooth finish and delicious hints of vanille, toasted oak, cloves and honey. Great to enjoy straight or mix it up in a Cuatro highball. 

Bacardi Reserva Ocho

This rum was made for the first time in 1862 which makes it one of the oldest rums in the world. For seven generations this rum was exclusively for the Bacardi family. Thankfully, nowadays, everybody can enjoy this delicious rum. When you buy this rum, please try it straight. Taste the smoothness, the fruity hints of plums, apricots, nutmeg and vanille. After that, make yourself a Bacardi ocho old fashioned. 

Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez

A great blend, aged for at least 10 years and charcoal filtered for a super smooth finish. Drink it straight, taste the hints of drupes, banana, pear, caramelized vanille and oak. 

Bacardi flavor range

Bacardi Limon

This lemon flavoured bacardi gives a nice twist to the classic rum and coke. 

Bacardi Mango

Taste the sweet flavors of mango. 

Bacardi Pineapple

Rum with the sweet flavour of pineapple and a hint of coconut. Perfect companion for a Piña Colada.

Bacardi Razz

A classic white rum infused with raspberry. Tastes great with orange soda. 

Bacardi Coconut

The flavor of coconut always takes me to the tropics. Mix it with pineapple juice on a sunny day. 

Bacardi Ginger

A gold coloured rum with the flavour of ginger.